The UFO breakthrough

It was 2017. The year that is undoubtly marked as the year where the public is finally faced with undeniable proof of the existence of Unidentified Flying Objects that are really hoovering through our skies and at times appear to be dangerous for pilots. The US government has been working for years on a ‘secret’ program called “Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program” or shortly: AATIP. As a matter of fact that’s what the guy who’s called “Luis Elizondo” announces along with the message that he’s determined to continue his quest without the extra limitations that he endured while working for the government.

3 videos were leaked with footage of military pilots who encountered the UFOs. Watch them here and judge for yourself:

Seeing is believing. But many people still doubt it or just don’t want to believe it. Without even trying to interpret or declare this phenomenon as being “alien aircraft”, “secret government warfare toys” or “time-machines from the future”, it’s still hard not to admit that these “things” are out there and have been documented throughout the years by the military. Why else have there been projects with large budgets to examine this? As a normal citizen we will never have a complete transparancy on these initiatives but there have been projects in the past that we now know of that have really been set up: